Saturday June 8, 2019


Site-specific art installations/ performance/ live music

Sat, June 8.2-7pm

164 Healdsburg Ave.Healdsburg, CA

Art installations, film,  and performances 

reception: June 29th 2019

The title of the exhibition, loosely based on an Edward Abbey quote, suggests a world of visionaries, imagination seekers, day trippers, tricksters, and wanderers. In California, where water, sun, mountains, trees, cities and people comingle and morph endlessly—a state of fantastical dreams and the momentary terror upon waking, a landscape of beauty and danger, a paradise becoming ruinous by degrees, it’s here along the furthest shore of possibility that the cool collides with epiphany in material form. California has provided ample imaginative fodder for artists, and the artists I’ve selected for this show tell tales with painted landscapes where one might feel at once the comfort of home and hopelessly lost, both anchored in the real and fetched-out afar, whether they’re riding a storm, a wave, a freeway, or a whim —each responding to the land with a uniquely singular vision.

Works from both the neurodiverse artists at NIAD as well as neurotypical California artists are featured in “There’s Reality, And Then There’s California,” including Angela Campbell, Deatra Colbert, Luis Estrada, Jon Fukui, David Huffman, Tracey Kessler, James Heartsill, Scott Hewicker, Jesus Salas, Jennifer Beedon Snow, William Swanson and Marie Van Elder.

Summer Days

inner~outer nature

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